He was was known for his great wine Lupicaia, a Cabernet Sauvignon-based SuperTuscan. Gian Annibale was from a noble family, stretching back to The Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and the Swabians to Italy and whom, since 1271, have held farmlands and vineyards in the country. After inheriting the estate, he decided to steer Castello del Terriccio in a new direction, creating a true viticultural research laboratory and state of the art fine wine production.’Pucci Rossi’, as he was known to his friends, was passionate about vineyards. ‘He loved to experiment with new vineyards all over his property, managing the clones and the [...]
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Value St Emilion
Château Moulin St-Georges. 'It’s a more serious, long-ageing wine.... but there's value here'Write a feature on finding value in St-Emilion, the editor said. It doesn’t exist was my instant reply. The name alone carries a premium, conjuring up everything from images of the heavily visited medieval town itself and the accolade of UNESCO World Heritage site, to legendary names like Châteaux Ausone and Cheval Blanc. Properties are small, 8ha the average size, and land prices rarely fall below €200,000 per hectare with some running to millions. Value: you must be joking. Lawther’s pick: Top-value St-Emilion [...]
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English wine report
2019 has been a more challenging vintage than 2018, but should produce high quality UK wine.A rainy 2019 harvest period has put no dampener on the mood for English wine, especially after the growing and ripening season had been largely successful, though not as universally bountiful, warm and exuberant as in 2018. Volumes are good and the early undercurrent seems to be of quiet confidence. 30 English wines to try: still and sparkling [...]
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Dows Vintage Port 1955
Wine Legend: Dow’s Vintage Port 1955 Bottles produced N/A Composition Principally Quinta do Bomfim, with an important Senhora da Ribeira component and possibly a very small contribution from Quinta do Zimbro Yield N/A Alcohol 20% Release price £1 Price today £360 A legend because… There was a plethora of excellent Ports made in this vintage, but Dow’s has long stood out for its elegance as well as richness. William Warre, who sold these wines for many years, described them as ‘rather more delicate, feminine wines’ that ‘seldom let anyone down in quality’. They age well, even if in their youth they seem less structured and powerful than some [...]
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Ramiiisol Vineyards
Ramiiisol is what happens when you mix the foresight of President Thomas Jefferson that the US (and Virginia) could make wines to equal the best in the world, with the inspiration of Montalcino producer Gianfranco Soldera and the high-level science of its owners. Ramiiisol Vineyards debut releases [...]
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British drinking
The average Briton consumes the equivalent of 108 bottles of wine a year – far more than the rest of the Western world – according to a major new report published today. The figures were revealed in the ‘Health at a Glance 2019’ report compiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and show that Britons over the age of 15 consume 9.7 litres of pure alcohol each annually. This is equal to 108 bottles of 12% wine or 342 pints of 5% beer, and is 800 mL more pure alcohol per year that the average American drinker consumes. American drinkers consume [...]
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wine president
No pressure: Jean-Marie Pratt presents wines to presidents Emmanuel Macron and Xi Jinping, with the media watching on. A plan was set; president Emmanuel Macron and Chinese premier Xi Jinping would taste top French wines together at a Shanghai expo on 5 November as they sought to tighten trade relations between their nations –  before enjoying a private dinner that evening. But, French officials needed to find someone on the ground who could host the tasting. ‘I’d known for about two weeks, but I didn’t mention it to friends – I wasn’t sure if it was really going to happen,’ said sommelier [...]
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Gaja Barbaresco Masterclass
Decanter's Gaja Masterclass attracted a full house.It’s impossible to underestimate the contribution to the world of wine made by Angelo Gaja. And not just Italian wine, as producers the world over spontaneously pay homage to his intelligence, courage, and skill. Tasting the greatest vintages of Gaja Barbaresco (and more): [...]
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147 winemakers from all over the world arrived to pour their top wines for Decanter’s passionate attendees. Guests had access to more than 600 fine wines. With five Masterclasses and four Discovery Theatre sessions taking place too, it was an incredible day of wine tasting for everyone who visited. See photo highlights of the day below. Thanks to all of the producers and visitors for making it such a memorable day. Thanks also to our sponsors: Riedel and Tŷ Nant The post Photo highlights: Decanter Fine Wine Encounter 2019 appeared first on Decanter. [...]
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multi vintage blends
The Laurent Perrier masterclass at the Fine Wine Encounter 2019There are some famous examples of multi-vintage blends in the wine world. Penfolds launched 1,200 bottles of its G3 wine in 2017, described as a ‘super blend’ of Grange and containing the 2008, 2012 and 2014 vintages. Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle is one of the most well-known multi-vintage blends from Champagne, developed in the 1950s by general manager Bernard de Nonancourt and first released in 1960. Its current released, ‘no. 24’, is a blend of the 2004, 2006 and 2007 vintages. Also in Champagne, the 167th edition of Krug’s prestigious Grande Cuvée is based on [...]
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