Top rum deals for Black Friday weekend Oops, Black Friday 2020 has come and gone. Or has it?! The shopping event istelf now streatches far beyong Friday itself, to cover the weekend all the way through to CyberMonday. Following Thanksgiving, it certainly is ‘beginning to feel a lot like Christmas’. What this means is that we’ll now have  plenty of excuses, if needed, to nurture the ritual of a cocktail-a-day. Rum aficionados will now the endless potential for this fascinating spirit to be drunk either neat or as the base of a variety of concoctions; ideal for multiple occasions, from an aperitif to [...]
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Find unique gift ideas and cocktail inspirations from our selection of top tequila deals. Make the most of the Black Friday Weekend to stock up for Christmas.Tequila shots. Image by Denys Gromov of Pexels.comThe spirit of Mexico, Tequila has gained popularity moving away from the image of being a ‘shot’ spirit, to high-class cocktails and when aged, a lovely sipping drink. It is also the heart of a range of colourful cocktails. From discounted premium tequilas to decanter & shot glasses gift sets, you are in for a treat over the Black Friday Weekend. Top Tequila gift ideas El Rayo Plata Tequila A herbal-flavoured [...]
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Black Friday whisky deals
Black Friday whisky deals Not long to go now before the end of this huge global shopping day, but there’s still loads of Black Friday whisky offers Decanter has discovered for you. Our deals are continuously updated to ensure you get the best buys on your single malts and blended Scotch and Irish whisky, as well as bourbons, ryes and other global drams. Whisky deals of the day: 27 November For US whisky fans, don’t miss our Top 10 under $50 from, which features Balcones Texas Rye Whiskey at 50% off! In the UK, you can’t go past an incredible 55% off a [...]
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Jack Daniel's Black Friday
Jack Daniel’s is the top-selling American whiskey in the world, best known for its Old No7 label, along with its iconic square bottles. The man himself, Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel, founded his company in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1875 but as Moore County (in which the Jack Daniel’s distillery is located) is dry, you can’t buy any of the whiskey in local restaurants or shops. But that hasn’t stopped the huge global success of this brand. While officially a straight bourbon, Jack Daniel’s prefers to use ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ on labels. Jack Daniel’s uses corn, rye and malted barley in its mash, and distills in [...]
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